The judging categories.

More than 40 select automobile rarities will line up in 16 judging categories.

Judging categories.

1. It’s a big world – Great luxury cars (pre-war)
2. The beauty of power – Sports cars era (pre-war)
3. Best of both worlds – European sports cars with American power (post-war)
4. The art of lightness – 90 years of Carrozzeria Touring (post-war)
5. The Riviera feeling – Rare European sports cars (post-war)
6. When dreams come true – Coupés from the 1960s
7. Under the white and blue sky – 100 years of BMW: the cabriolets
8. The spirit of the seventies – Motor sports cars of the 1970s

Special categories.

1. Pre-war open
2. Pre-war closed
3. Post-war open
4. Post-war closed
5. Best restored condition
6. Best unrestored condition
7. Best of show by jury
8. Best of show by public